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Feeling run down and more tired than usual? You've been sick and its taking a long time to recover? In pain more often than not? Having a hard time losing weight despite your best efforts? Depressed, bullied or grieving?

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating that it needs some attention. This could be pain, fatigue, infection, weight gain  or mood swings. Complementary therapies can help you to get back to optimal wellness and symptom-free living. By optimising your diet, body chemistry and lifestyle you can prevent and effectively manage a variety of health concerns and we can show you where to start!


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We look at the whole wellness picture – the “mosaic” of your unique health makeup – and then design a treatment plan to suit you. We integrate plant based medicine, nutrition and homeopathy, where beneficial, with lifestyle recommendations.

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Complementary medicine has a lot to offer in the areas of gut and immune health, brain function, children’s development and hormonal balance.

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"Our passion is to help you regain your zest for life.
To feel more resilient, have a positive mindset and a healthy body."

I love coming here. Its virtually a one-stop-shop. Since coming here my family hardly gets sick at all therefore I feel more in control of our health. It's great to know that I'll get pointed in the right direction when I pop in with a question or two .

Jodie, Chermside

Thank you for facilitating the birth of our baby girl. After several rounds of IVF we both gave up until we decided to get our bodies cleaned and healthy. With temperatures recorded, herbs and diet addressed we became very blessed parents to a little girl. The smiles we receive each and every morning are priceless.

Anna, Brisbane

I wanted to let you know that my fibromyalgia pains have gone. Now I can turn over in bed and move about without pain. I didn't think it was ever going to go away, so I'm ever so pleased with how I'm feeling now. This place is awesome

Jenny, Zillmere