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Aromatherapy (noun) =  is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. It is sometimes used in combination with massage and other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach.

Bespoke blends designed to support YOU!

Love your body, uplift your mood and revitalise your spirit.

Aromatherapy Consultations

Mini Consult

Discuss one health and wellness goal with a qualified aromatherapist, in person, via Skype or phone call and we will craft a customised treatment plan to meet your goal.

Choose one condition to work on during the consultation.

  • Fill out a  health questionnaire
  • 20 minute consultation
  • Creation of a treatment plan with clear instructions.
  • For an additional fee we can make a custom aromatherapy blend for you.

Comprehensive consultation to address all your health and wellness goals.

Added BONUS of longer consultation and a custom aromatherapy blend.

  • Full health assessment.
  • Can cover stress management, muscle tension, mild insomnia, mental fatigue, mild period pain, common cold, osteoarthritis,  skin care, dermatitis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ndometriosis, menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome, sports injuries and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • One hour consultation.
  • Creation of a treatment plan.
  • Instructions to match essential oils with your health and wellness goals.


  • Design and manufacture custom aromatherapy blend.
  • One aromatherapy blend.
  • 30 minute follow up call to discuss progress.
  • Refills on custom blends at a discounted rate.

Are your oils 100% PURE?

Our promise to you, all products are hand crafted using 100% natural ingredients, chemical free and ethically purchased. Ingredients are sourced locally within Australia and Organic where possible. No artificial fragrances or preservatives, no phthalates and no sulfates.