Health Tests

Naturopaths often use functional pathology tests. These give detailed reports on things like microbiome, bacterial and parasite activity including Lyme infections, mitochondrial disorders, toxic chemicals load, pyrroles, homocysteine, vitamin D, hormones and MTHFR (methylation) for example.  They are often available as urine, saliva and stool collection kits which you collect at home. Blood tests can be done at a local pathology centre or a nurse will visit you at home.


OligoScan for Minerals & Heavy Metals


Live Blood analysis is a tool that can help give us some clues as to what factors may be contributing to your fatigue or recurrent infections. A single drop of blood from your finger tip is viewed under a powerful microscope and projected on a screen.


Food Intolerance

  1. Bloated after eating certain foods?
  2. Tired at certain times of the day?
  3. Suffer headaches for no apparent reason?
These can be symptoms of food intolerance. You may often experience lethargy or ‘fogginess’ and generally feel unwell.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive your results since we perform the simple food intolerance test for 50 of the most common foods in clinic. Just 40 minutes later and you can be armed with information that can completely change your life!


PH & Biological Terrain

RBTI Baseline Analysis is a tool that we use to measure the residues and components of samples of urine and saliva. This assists us in designing a program to help you achieve a better acid/alkaline balance in your body, while being able to absorb the nutrients from your food and supplements efficiently.



A mouth swab for genetic weaknesses such as MTHFR, COMPT etc. can reveal blocks in metabolic pathways and how these may be corrected or modified with the right nutrition.


Mauve Factor (Pyrroles)

This health test is often valuable in cases of emotional instability. The test reveals a greater dependence on Zinc and vitamin B6, which consequently may be needed by people with anxiety, mood swings and depression.