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No one knows your priorities better than you

In your initial consultation you’ll get the chance to express your concerns to us and we’ll be sure to take these on board and make them our priority too.

We’ll take a look at some key markers to see how your body chemistry is affecting you and run a scan to evaluate some common health patterns to see which direction your health is trending.

We’ll take into consideration whatever medication you are currently taking. In addition we may specify either blood, salivary or stool analysis for diagnosis or monitoring of your health. Testing at a pathology lab is at an additional cost.

You will get clarity and results with your personalised plan and feel motivated to make changes one step at a time in three to six week intervals.

Of course there may be times where you’re looking for some up to date advice to fine tune a health program you’ve already implemented and a once off consultation may be all you require.

Depending on your health and the wellbeing goals you would like to achieve you may expect to visit your naturopath on average 2 – 6 times to achieve your desired outcome.

Over the age of 40 we recommend a health check up every 6 – 12 months.

Initial Consult