This is some of the feedback we regularly receive . . .

In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than this. Caring considerate great listening skills- sharing knowledge, giving sound advice, applying everything to get me well and stay that way!<br /> Delightful ambiance, Michelle delivers the goods- has a healing touch, honest and caring- I couldn't ask for more. Two visits to Michelle alleviated my pain and regular visits keep me in tune with my body- I deserve it-<br /> thanks Michelle and Paul- you’ve helped me over the years yo maintain my health and I shall be eternally grateful.

PatriciaGold Coast

I wanted to let you know that remedy you gave me was amazing!!! I feel like a new person, without the leftover residual anxiety. Not being in ``high alert`` mode all the time is really fantastic!

YasminAlexandra Hills

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. After being in hospital for 6 weeks I felt terrible but now after just a couple of months I feel great. I'm back on track. Also my back and neck pain that I've suffered with for years has all gone.


Thank you for facilitating the birth of our baby girl. After several rounds of IVF we both gave up until we decided to get our bodies cleaned and healthy. With temperatures recorded, herbs and diet addressed we became very blessed parents to a little girl. The smiles we receive each and every morning are priceless.


The massage was very special. I felt I was in tender care and you knew all the right spots to touch and how much pressure to apply. I feel very fortunate to have found this place.

Ms Singh

What a beautiful place. It's so unexpected to find a boutique style clinic in the suburbs.``

I take my children there. I feel we are well cared for. I recommend this place to everyone.``

I've had fantastic results. I'm really pleased.