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Making Babies & Male Fertility, Heavy Metals Testing with OligoScan

making babies, male fertility, heavy metals, oligoscan

Making Babies

There are many factors to consider when examining the causes of infertility. However, you will be pleased to know that some of these are within your ability to control. Male fertility for instance is increasingly becoming the simplest to identify with heavy metals tests as an obstacle in making babies. The device is called an OligoScan.

Male fertility is often considered the last piece of the fertility puzzle, yet it is immensely important to successful conception. Preconception care of both the male and female is also inextricably linked to infant health. One in six couples are affected by impaired fertility, although true male sterility is rare, at less than 1%. There is clear evidence to suggest that diet and lifestyle factors contribute to reduced fertility in men.

Male Fertility Factors

These include: psychological stress, depression, nutritional deficiency, poor quality diet, high caffeine intake, recreational drug use. Continuing the list, exposure to environmental toxins, obesity, high alcohol intake, inactivity, smoking and chronic diseases.

Fertility is decreased in men over 40 years, as their lower testosterone, lower DHEA, lower oestrogen, higher FSH and higher LH. This work similarly to women in terms of reproductive failure.

Modifying lifestyle factors, improving nutritional status and supporting the endocrine system have been successfully shown to improve fertility outcomes in men, and increase conception rates.

Heavy Metals

A revolutionary method to detect directly in our clinic and in real-time, identifying the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication.

The measure is made directly in our  clinic office with a portable spectrophotometer. The collected data is analysed displaying the results within a few seconds.

This test is a revolutionary technique to check in real time the mineral status for an individual and efficient supplementation. In case of heavy metal intoxication, you can prescribe adapted chelating supplements.


The device allows you to make a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients.

OligoScan is an innovative and precious prevention tool allowing a longitudinal follow-up of your patients.