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Turning Back the Biological Clock

Optimising genomic health to promote healthy ageing and manage cardiovascular disease, dementia and other diseases of ageing.

The Australian and New Zealand population is ageing. Unfortunately, the baby boomers in particular are struggling with their health. Over 50 and you are commonly at greater risk of developing serious chronic disease simply due to dietary and lifestyle habits. Arthritis, metabolic disorders, cognitive decline and sexual dysfunction – are all conditions that can be easily and effectively managed using holistic, natural treatment strategies.

“Chronological age is not an accurate indicator of the aging process …”

The ageing process is complex and multifactorial, and biological age is not always directly related to chronological age. In fact, studies show that chronological age is not an accurate indicator of the ageing process. We use a non-invasive bioimpedance test to determine how rapidly your body is ageing; helping to predict illness and mortality in future years.

Let us develop an individualised treatment plans for you, to help you turn back your biological clock easily and effectively. Our program makes healthy ageing tangible, exciting and motivating.

Discover how you can move freely, without pain or stiffness, control your weight and blood sugar, prevent cardiovascular disease, clear the brain fog and feel invigorated again.

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