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Michelle Rudge has been involved in the natural health industry for more than 25 years. Whilst growing up she was familiar with the use of natural therapies and therefore learned the value of healthy food and lifestyle choices. Michelle values the medicinal traditions passed on through many cultures, which includes both east and west.

Her studies have led her to combine the knowledge that comes from modern research with traditional medicine, common sense and lifestyle. She is also fascinated by how the brain works and the communication of the nervous system. Michelle also has a keen interest in epigenetics and the impact of the environment on current and future generations.

She enjoys working with families and children and has a special interest in adrenal fatigue, immune dysfunction, brain and nervous system disorders.

Her kind and natural approach will help you feel at ease and reassured. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge which she’s more than happy to share and a genuine community spirit. She loves doing anything creative and artistic.


Advanced Diploma: Naturopathy; Homeopathy; Nutrition; Herbal Medicine; Remedial Massage

Certificate: Neural Organisational Technique; Kinesiology 1; Craniosacral 1; Live Blood Analysis

Extra Studies: Working with Oncology; Epignetics; Migraines, Mast Cells and Mitochondria; MINDD training for children on the spectrum and nutritional support for healthy development and learning

Member ATMS
Co-Founder Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic