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For busy people, parents, families

Are you struggling with gut, immune, neurological concerns?

My holistic approach combines Naturopathic principles, nutrition, lifestyle counselling, mind/body techniques. I use a functional medicine approach, with a review of your lab assessments, body signs and symptoms, mineral and heavy metal analysis or other relevant tests, to uncover the underlying causes of ill health. I have found that many conditions we call debilitating are in fact preventable or treatable. Good health is an exciting journey.

You have unique health needs shaped by the combination of your environment, DNA and lifestyle choices. The way you view life and what you tell yourself also influences your body. Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating that it needs some attention. This could be pain, fatigue, infection, weight gain or mood swings. By optimising your nutrition and lifestyle you can prevent and manage a variety of health concerns and I can show you where to start!

My goal is to advocate the value of nutrition in health care . I use patient-specific strategies for the prevention and healing of chronic health conditions.


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Complementary medicine has a lot to offer in the areas of gut repair and immune health, brain function, children’s development and hormonal balance.

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"Our passion is to help you regain your zest for life.
To feel more resilient, have a positive mindset and a healthy body."

First consultation with Michelle was a very positive experience. She really took the time to explain things and is very knowledgeable, calm and understanding. Would highly recommend!

Chantal, Chermside

“Thank you for facilitating the birth of our baby girl. After several rounds of IVF we both gave up until we decided to get our bodies cleaned and healthy. With temperatures recorded, herbs and diet addressed we became very blessed parents to a little girl. The smiles we receive each and every morning are priceless.

Anna, Brisbane

“I wanted to let you know that remedy you gave me was amazing!!! I feel like a new person, without the leftover residual anxiety. Not being in “high alert“ mode all the time is really fantastic!”

Yasmin, Brisbane

Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic is your local naturopath in Chermside West, Brisbane. Specialising in all aspects of naturopathy including nutrition, homeopathy, counselling, natural women’s health, children’s health, hormonal health, natural weight loss, IBS & gut health, food intolerances, lymphatic & remedial massage, memory & metabolism, immune health, migraines, chronic fatigue, menopause, functional pathology tests & more. Located in Chermside West welcoming clients from Stafford Heights, Aspley, Carseldine, Bridgeman Downs, McDowall, Everton Hills, Everton Park, Stafford, Grange, Kedron & other areas of Brisbane. For the best Naturopath in Chermside, contact Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic.