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No-one knows your child as well as you do, and as parents we want to ensure that they have a great life. Typical childhood illnesses aside, there is a growing trend in worldwide statistics that represent children who seem to “fall between the cracks” and often end up with no diagnosis, and yet are far from “well”.

Can You Tick More Than Three?

Children we feel concerned for often have a combination of particular symptoms such as:

  • Tired and struggling at school
  • Pale and often unwell with non-specific symptoms
  • Flat, anxious or depressed
  • Prone to mood swings: happy one moment; cranky the next
  • Fussy eaters, maybe with specific food cravings
  • Experiencing digestive issues, or bed-wetting, and/or bowel problems
  • Suffering skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne & allergies
  • Feeling obsessive, perhaps overly clingy to mum or routines
  • Possessed of an unusually high pain threshold – dare devils
  • Or overly timid and shy

As parents, we desire nothing less than to see children we can describe as ‘robust’ and ‘resilient’. The good news is that the team of practitioners at Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic can help identify issues that your child may be facing. They can then put together an excellent treatment plan and strategies to support your child and help them ‘thrive’

Step by Step

By implementingĀ  healing strategies that restore function and nutrients, this can generate, in many instances, effective resolution to your child’s issues. Sometimes it may require a little bit of teasing out and patience as each strategy is implemented one by one so as not to overwhelm the child or parents.

All the practitioners here know that treatmentĀ needs to be ‘real world’ and so have thought out ways you can implement changes as easily as possible at home. They have some clever ‘tricks’ up their sleeves and will share these with you.

With over 60 years experience between them, the practitioners at Helping Touch excel at providing practical, evidence-based solutions coupled with good old-fashioned and traditional care.