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Have you tried every diet but nothing is working?

You are not alone! The frustration you are experiencing is common to so many people …

From a natural health perspective, there are several nutritional and environmental blocks that often prevent people from successfully losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight.

Our interest is not merely in helping you with fat control, but in the promotion of vibrant health. We want to help you to thrive.

The Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program is run by a qualified healthcare practitioner to give you personalised assistance and includes a special detox for your liver and bowel.

Speak with your practitioner to work out the best plan for you to improve your health and lose fat so that you can look your best ever!


Successful weight management along with heightened well being is made so much easier with coaching, so call us on 3162 5321 to arrange a FREE 20 minute weight loss evaluation.

The Davies Diet – Online Portal for Weight Loss

The beauty of “The Davies Diet” is that you will learn how to turn on and turbo-charge fat burning at will. Other dietary plans don’t really tell you how to do that. This practitioner researched program has been developed and tested over several years and brings you the most up to date methods that work.

On the program you will be able to allow yourself to take a detour from time to time. You’ll be able to eat out and eat what you want to eat at a friend’s home.

You will learn how to differentiate other diet plans and find out more about the best way to incorporate the principles of a paleo diet. Also your general level of health and fitness will improve.

Take steps to enjoy the freedom of a lifelong healthy weight!

To find out more about this successful program click the button for your FREE REPORT