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5 Healthy Holiday Tips

End of year holiday time. Time to rest, relax and reflect. To help you take the best care of you, I’ve sumnarised 5 simple healthy holiday tips to remember.

Everyone looks forward to some R&R after a busy year. While you may only have a little respite in the midst of your troubles, it’s good to find some downtime for yourself.

What do you need to recharge? Time with old friends, people you haven’t seen for a while, time to let loose a little to dance and sing like nobody is watching? Meditative time in nature on your own, reading that book you haven’t had time to get into? A few hours to play by your own rules, off the clock.

Whatever it is, nurture your soul and recharge. Its often out of this downtime that we feel remotivated to make some fresh plans for the new year. Promises to look after our health, get fit, lose some weight or try a new diet. As you close the door on last year’s stresses, you may find a few moments to see new possibilities for the year ahead.

Some simple healthy holiday tips to help recharge you:

1. Catch up on sleep and try to avoid staying up til the wee hours of the morning. 

2. Stay hydrated with water … at least 8 glasses plus one for every other beverage you choose.

3. Keep calm with slow, deep breathing. While it’s easy to tense up and slip into old shallow breathing habits, take a few minutes to do a breathing execise when no-one’s watching. Make the most of beautiful places you may happen to be; by the water, in the mountains, watching the stars.

4. Nourish your body with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to fuel your cells. Superfoods like beetroot, celery, cherries and berries, lemon, ginger, parsley and turmeric can be added to salads or juiced for a hit of goodness.

5. Worry less and have kind words for yourself and others. Refresh your mind with positive  and upbuilding thoughts. Believe in your ability to find solutions, seek new possibilities and feel confidence.

Don’t stress if your best habits get derailed. For a healthy holiday, remember the 80/20 rule. It’s ok to let your hair down and relax. The odd sweet treat here and there and the extra glass of bubbly don’t spell failure. Make your portion sizes smaller and give your body plenty of time to digest. Take the dog, your children or a friend and go for a walk or a swim. Best of all have a relaxing or energising massage to bring your mind into tune with your body!