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The Natural Menopause Solution – Beyond HRT

menopause, diet recommendations

Looking for a natural alternative to HRT. Evidence points to a well balanced diet and a combination of nutrients to the relieve unwelcome symptoms of Menopause.

Although HRT has been useful for many women, today we know so much more about safe and effective ways to stay happy, healthy and symptom-free naturally.

Just like every other major life stage health care providers look at menopause as a natural process that takes several years to alter the hormonal patterns. A whole host of powerful chemical messengers are behind the physical and emotional changes.

As early as your late 30’s or as late as your 50’s, things start to shift. You have fewer follicles and eggs in your ovaries and it may take a bigger burst of hormones to encourage an egg to mature – which is why those mid-cycle abdominal twinges can be so uncomfortable. The amount of progesterone and eostrogen fluctuates leading to periods that may be lighter or heavier, longer or shorter until eventually no follicles develop. Your ovaries stop producing oestrogen and progesterone and your cycles simply stop.

However your adrenal glands, which sit atop your kidneys, pick up some of the shortfall. Just enough to keep a sufficient amount of hormones circulating in your body. That is, providing your adrenals are not too fatigued after a life-time of stress, worry, working and children. So its important to look after your adrenal health to maintain vital resources for a healthy post menopausal life. Very low energy, a struggling immune system, feeling over stressed and difficulty losing weight can be indicators of an adrenal problem. Complementary medicine practitioners are well versed in balancing a flagging endocrine system.

But what can you do to help ease menopause symptoms. Shift unwanted kilos and lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and hormonally driven cancers?

Eating delicious wild salmon with green beans and broccoli for dinner; omelette with asparagus and red capsicum for breakfast; goat’s cheese, rocket, walnuts and mixed legumes for lunch. Smoothies made with ground flaxseeds, almonds, oats, spinach, pear and lemon. The following foods s are healthy choices to put on the menu.┬áSardines, organic tofu, oysters, kale, soaked chia seeds, cacao, lean proteins, peas and wild rice.

By eating low starch foods, avoiding processed sugar, cooked oils and charred meat you can protect yourself against a range of conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and thinning bones – six health risks that should be on the radar of any menopausal woman.

Your plate should be made up of roughly 20% protein (the size of your palm)50% complex carbohydrates (that means mostly vegetables)and 30% fats (a healthy mix such as olive, coconut, walnut, flaxseed and butter not margarine)Sounds a bit like paleo doesn’t it? Well it seems that this balance helps our body burn more fat and process blood sugar more efficiently.

Your major Menopause Busting nutrients to be aware of are calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin D and magnesium.