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6 Important Diet Recommendations

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Diet Recommendations

In no particular order these are 6 of the most important diet recommendations we make to our clients.

  • Eat fruit: fruits are rich in polyphenols, bioflavonoids and antioxidants. The general recommendation is 2 serves daily. Try to choose the least sweet ones most of the time such as berries, green apples and kiwi fruit. If fruits upset your digestive system you may need some help with a condition known as FODMAPS. If fruits cause changes in mood or behaviour or provoke ADHD, cause red ears/cheeks then you may be reacting to the phenols.
  • 3 meals: include protein, fats and vegetables with every meal, including breakfast. Try to eat three meals a day at roughly the same time with four hours in between to allow plenty of time for digestion. However if you suffer from hypoglycaemia or the “hangries” you may need to include a small protein based snack in the middle. You might also need some help with your endocrine system.
  • Finish early: ideally this means no more food after 5 pm if your breakfast is usually around 7 am. This allows for a 14 hour fast which is great for your gut. If you don’t get home early enough then, of course, you’ll need to adjust the time and make do with a shorter fasting window. But do try to leave 3 hours between dinner and bedtime. Under certain circumstances we might recommend a plain protein shake before bed especially if people have disturbed sleep patterns.

Healthy Options

  •  Healthy fats: uncooked fat from plants, nuts and seeds have unique profiles that are not only used to provide energy but also feed the good bacteria in your gut. Add some animal fat such as butter or eggs as well as small fish such as sardines and mackerel.
  • Lower carb: reducing starches such as potato and grains helps lower your daily glycaemic index. Many people with autoimmune diseases have also found their symptoms improve when reduce grains and sugar.
  • Reduce sugar: this is really important. It’s time to give your pancreas a rest. Sugar feeds bacteria and candida and ages your tissues – including your arms and face. A constant supply of sugary food also leads to insulin resistance, inflammation and diabetes. Reducing sugar helps stabilise your mood.

diet receommendations

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