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Have You Considered These Migraine Triggers?

migraine pain


A migraine causes immense suffering and most people opt for a pain killer. But did you know that treating the primary trigger can stop your migraines from being a regular bane of your life?

If you are among the 15% of women, or, 5% of men who suffer from migraine headaches, you well know the havoc they can wreak on your working and social life! Beyond retreating to a darkened room and taking heavy-hitting pain killers, what can you do to ease your pain?

When suffering a migraine you may have already tried putting your feet into a basin of cold water. This is to draw circulation away from your head, which in turn can ease the sensation of pressure. Taking magnesium and vitamin B2 can also do much to ease the situation. However, have you considered food allergies or intolerances or cervical stress?


Bright lights, loud noises, strong perfumes, and alcohol are common triggers for migraines. An often overlooked potential trigger is that of allergies arising from poor intestinal health. Parasites, nutrient deficiencies, many rounds of antibiotics and some drugs can cause damage or weakening of the intestinal walls allowing food particles to leak out. Your immune system is ready and waiting to defend you and reacts to the foreign proteins. The effects can be felt far and wide. In the brain, in your joints or on your skin, usually wherever you are most vulnerable.  Trying to figure this out on your own can be difficult. A well trained naturopath can assess you and provide an effective treatment protocol with results apparent within a few months.

Another reason for migraines could be related to nerve signals arising from the first three spinal segments in your neck causing an oversensitive brainstem. Physiotherapists trained in the Watson Headache method are specifically trained to diagnose and treat this pattern.

Other more uncommon therapies you may not have heard of include Neuro Organisational Technique (N.O.T). which addresses the vestibular system. The Emmett Technique works on muscles using a sequence of light touches, calming sensitive nerves and bringing much needed relief.

In practice I’ve found that some people respond quickly to simple solutions. Others may need a combination of therapies before the pain finally goes away.